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This distribution is the easiest of the 3 Community Media Starter Kits maintained by the organizations working collaboratively on Community Media Drupal. The Community Media Starter Kit (EASY) is a good starting point for Community Access TV stations who are taking the leap from a basic "brochure-ware" Drupal site into something some substantive. Profile Switcher can be used to switch from the Community Media Starter Kit (Easy) to Community Media Starter Kit (Moderate). The moderate version of the Starter Kit includes the same modules as the easy version and adds many more including CiviCRM. Trying to configure Community Media Starter Kit (Moderate) without first understanding the modules included in Community Media Starter Kit (Easy) IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

This distribution is co-maintained by Jason Daniels (jdcreativity) of Easton Community Access Television (ECAT) as part of the CMDrupal project. Consider joining the growing community who have made a commitment to contribute.

Features of Community Media Starter Kit (Easy):

  • Checklist to walk you through the initial configuration
  • Adaptive theme that works well for mobile users
  • Front page Slideshow
  • RSS Feed driven Video on Demand Library
  • RSS Feed driven Airing Schedule
  • Legal (to manage member behavior and replace cablecast agreements)
  • Manage Permissions for Staff, Members, and Administrators
  • Online Show Submissions (replace paper forms)
  • Webforms (replace other paper forms)
  • Captcha and Badbot to block spam

Sites Using a Community Media Starter Kit:

Getting Started:
Pantheon provides a FREE, one click install option for the Community Media Starter Kit. Live sites cost as little as $25/month to run on your own and $100/month to run with A Little Help. There are also several ways this can be installed locally or on any other host.

PLEASE read the documentation and review existing issues other community media staff members have asked and answered before opening a new issue.

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