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Community Media Agenda can be used to create and present an agenda (incl. speakers, information etc.) related to a video.

There are four submodules:

  • CM Agenda Live to update chapters, speakers and information in real time during live broadcast.
  • CM Agenda Popcorn to display clickable chapters and speakers for on-demand video.
  • CM Agenda Editor to edit events in a timeline format.
  • CM Agenda Import to import events from other tools.

CM Agenda Live works with any video provider, while CM Agenda Popcorn works with any video provider supported by Mozilla PopcornJS, such as YouTube, Vimeo and At the moment, only YouTube can be confirmed working.

This module is maintained by Daniel Westergren (westis) of Open Channel Växjö in Växjö, Sweden as part of the CMDrupal project. It is designed to be used with other modules included in the Community Media Start Kit (Easy). Consider joining the growing community who have made a commitment to contribute.

Dependant modules

CM Agenda depends on the following modules:

  • CTools
  • Date
  • Entity
  • Entity Reference
  • Entity Reference Prepopulate
  • Features
  • File Entity
  • HMS Field
  • i18n
  • Inline Entity Form
  • jQuery Update
  • Libraries
  • Media 7.x-2.x
  • Media Event
  • MediaFront
  • MediaFront Popcornplayer
  • Popcornjs
  • Variable
  • Views


While development on code specific to this project started in December of 2014, work to make flexible solutions like this possible started at the Open Media Camp back in 2009. That's when several developers maintaining media solutions for Drupal got together with staff members from Community Media groups. The benefits of the work done and information shared that weekend like the inclusion of PHP Stream Wrappers in Drupal core and first versions of Media with media_PROVIDER helper modules are still being leveraged today.

The history of Drupal solutions for "clickable agendas" in Community Media also goes back to 2009. While the first module was developed for D6, that code was never shared. The Popcorn Chapters module developed in 2012 as a proof of concept was the first module another site could install followed shortly by Cue Builder. That early work openly developing solutions that could use the same code to both play and interact with videos is why we were able to develop the first version of Community Media Agenda in just a few days.

Similar Projects

Cue Builder - this was deprecated in favor of Media Youtube Popcornjs which, as the name implies only works with YouTube. This project also used Field Collections instead of Media Event entities which are more difficult to work with.

Open Media Foundation's Clickable Agendas - The OMF claims to code that "online interface to quickly record timestamps/cue-points/chapter-markers", but can never find the time to share it. This "open source" solution is only available to organizations who can pay $5,000 ($2,000 setup + $3,000/year). Agenda can be configured in minutes on Pantheon for as little as $25/month or even less if you have staff with the skills to manage on your own server.

Supporting organizations: 
Funding, project leading, theme development
Main development
A Little Help Hosting

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