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Cluetip Drupal module

Cluetip Overview

The cluetip module is a wrapper for the jquery cluetip plugin which can be found here, and downloaded here. The Cluetip plugin provides nice, configurable hover-overs using the "title" attribute. The plugin has many options, and includes a "demo" folder, which you should check out to learn about how it works.

Notes on the D7 version:

This module basically just wraps the javascript and css files in a hook_library(), making them available with drupal_add_library(). It by default will add cluetip library on every page and that is configurable from admin page. It also adds default JS on pages so you can use class "cluetip-title" for cluetip titles.

It doesn't try to do anything more - see the readme.txt for a basic usage guide. Check out the demo page for examples.

For developers considering options relating to including jquery plugins, I know there is a module or two in active development that are working on centralizing these into a registry of some kind so modules don't end up including the same plugin multiple times. As such this module has the following requirements:


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