Clean Module List demo

What is Clean Module List?

This module provides an easy method to clean up the module list and make it easier to search through. When enabled, this module will hide the module dependency information (for example the "Depends on:" or "Required by:" fields) for each module when viewing the module list. It also provides two radio buttons to show/hide the dependency information if you do need to see it without even needing to reload the page.

If you've ever been annoyed when searching through the module list because you have sift through all of the dependency entries before finally reaching the module, then this module is the ideal solution.


You must have JavaScript installed in order to hide module dependency information. If JavaScript is disabled, the module list will simply render normally.


For installation and configuration instructions, please see the module's README.txt file.


This module was generously sponsored by Grindflow Management LLC and developed by Diffingo Solutions Inc..

Special Notes

Third party themes that override theme_system_table (this very rarely occurs) may alter the IDs of the divs that this module attempts to hide and show. If this is the case for your theme, you may need to edit clean_module_list.js and add the div IDs that your particular theme uses.

Similar Projects

Module Filter is another modules which seeks to make the module list easier to search through. It provides a search tool, but does not hide the dependency information.

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