Clean as base theme

A base theme with a focus on minimal implementation.

Clean theme provides a solid foundation for creating bespoke themes in the shortest possible time.


  • Collapsible layout
  • Large default base font size
  • Relative em font sizes
  • Thorough use of CSS inheritance
  • Default layout based around 960px grid
  • 6.x version includes liquid, 960gs, 1kb grid, and light on dark sub themes.
  • 7.x version includes ability to specify framework and conditional stylesheets in the info file.


Clean theme should be used as a base theme. You should not edit the files in Clean theme but rather create a new theme to hold your custom code and set base theme = clean in the new theme's info file.

Using this method keeps Clean theme free of modifications, enabling easier updates.

For the same reasons you don't hack core, you shouldn't hack Clean theme.


This theme is sponsored and maintained by Freestyle Systems.

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