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The CKEditor styles dropdown

The module provides a way to add styles to the "CKEditor Styles Dropdown".


Style rules

The style rules can be exported and put into features.

The configuration is available at admin/config/content/ckeditor_styles.
There you can add new CKEditor style rules, that consist of:

  • name: The human readable name of the style rule, it is used as label in your CKEDITOR to show the style
  • machine_name: The internal machine readable name, it is unique and used to identify the style rule.
  • description: an administrative description, it is not displayed anywhere by default
  • element: the html tag/element to make the style available for
  • attributes:
    • class: class name(s) to add to the selected element
    • style: css style definitions to add to the selected element


On each ckeditor wysiwyg profile you can enable the "stylesheet parser", that will parse your styleshets automatically.


Other Modules

  • WYSIWYG Template: with that module you can add custom templates (html-snippets) to your content
  • Sandbox of robinvdvleuten: this sandbox currently only adds the "stylesheet parser" setting and clears the styleSets.
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