CKEditor mentions


This plugin voor CKEditor will provide 'Facebook-like' mentioning of people in any CKEditor field. Including a suggestion box while you type. This is triggered by typing an '@' character and at least 2 other characters. Names are queried using a view and matched on the realname of the user. When a name is clicked, it will be inserted as a link to the user's profile page (user/#uid).


You can override the included view to your needs. For now there is a hard dependency on the realname filter, but we could make this pluggable. This way, suggestions on username would also be possible.


This plugin works with below browsers

  • iPad 1+
  • Webkit browsers (Safari, Chrome)
  • Firefox
  • Internet Exporer 9+


Enable the module and check the plugin in your ckeditor profile at admin/config/content/ckeditor. Make sure you have users who have 'realnames' using the realname module. Also, don't forget to clear the cache after installing the module or the view won't show up.


Please use the issue queue for any requests or bug reports. The Drupal 6.x version won't get any future releases, except for possible security issues until Drupal 8 is released.

Related projects

The mentions module provides an text format input filter that translates @username or @uid strings to URL's. But it does not offer suggestions based on typed characters.


This module is written and maintained by Albert Skibinski (Merge) and sponsored by SIOB for the project.

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