This project provides a kind of webservices integration between a CiviCRM installation and the Represent Open North web service at

It allows the CiviCRM install to look up and store representative data for its constituents, both as a background cron task and/or as a realtime lookup.

This project was sponsored and is currently in use by Fair Vote Canada at and Canadians for Tax Fairness, at

The D6 release is working on CiviCRM 3.4 and requires a patch to civicrm if your civicrm is of a reasonable size, as per,24597.msg103838.html
Or just grab this and install it:

The D7 release is a simple upgrade, now working as a development release.

See the "home page" link in the resources section on the right for details about how to set it up, some assembly required.

Project Information