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The Views in CiviCRM Dashlets module enables creation of customizable dashlets with integrated Views displays. Say goodbye to report constraints. The robust power of Views has now joined dashlets.


  • Custom dashlets without using reports
  • A new CiviCRM Dashlet display plugin
  • Dashboard (dashlet) entity options
    • is_active (Will this dashlet be active?)
  • Customizable paths
  • Views integration
    • If the CiviCRM Dashlet display is disabled, the dashlet will have is_active set to 0
    • If a View is disabled, all dashlets inside will have is_active set to 0
    • If a view is deleted, all dashlets inside will be deleted
    • AJAX pagination



  1. Visit your View and add a new CiviCRM Dashlet display
  2. Customize your display at will and save (Make sure to set all of the Dashlet settings!)
  3. Visit and click "Configure Your Dashboard"
  4. Your new dashlet will be in the Available Dashlets bank. Drag your dashlet into either the left or right column and click Done
  5. Your dashlet will now be on your dashboard!


Q: I edited my view, but my dashlet hasn't updated. Why isn't my new view being rendered?
A: Click "Refresh Dashboard Data" on the dashboard, just right of "Configure Your Dashboard"

Known Problems

  • When saving a CiviCRM Dashlet display with the same weight of another CiviCRM Dashlet, the other CiviCRM Dashlet will update with the settings of the CiviCRM Dashlet being saved

Future Features

  • Dashlet Fullscreen functionality
  • Views Argument implementation


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