CiviCRM is used by more than 8000 organizations to provide contact, contribution, membership, event, and mailing management including several organizations most people using open source will recognize:

  • Drupal Association
  • Free Software Foundation
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Creative Commons

This distribution bundles Drupal and CiviCRM into a single download along with some of the most popular CiviCRM related modules making it much easier to get started. This is a STARTER KIT! These are not the only modules you will likely want to add to Drupal or extension to CiviCRM. You can find additional Drupal modules and native CiviCRM Extensions you may want to add in the CiviCRM Extensions Directory. The CiviCRM Starter Kit is a great starting point for a non-profit, but additional use case specific distributions can extend this configuration.

Pantheon provides a FREE, one click install option for the CiviCRM Starter Kit. There are also several ways this can be installed locally or on any other host. Note: The version of the Starterkit for Pantheon (maintained on github) is more likely to be up to date than the version on because of the limitations in using third party libraries for install profiles hosted here.

CiviCRM Related Drupal Modules Included:


There are several free options for general Drupal Support and CiviCRM Support. In addition, each module included in the starter kit has their own issue queue. If an error is being caused by Drupal, CiviCRM, or a specific module, feel free to open an issue for the CiviCRM Starter Kit. Please don't be offended if your issue is moved to another Drupal issue queue or marked as a 'duplicate' here after recreating it in CiviCRM's Jira queue. This distribution brings together code from hundreds of developers and issues are often best addressed with the issue tracking system those developers use.

For the meanwhile the focus is on maintaining the Starterkit for Pantheon so there are no new releases here.

Project Information