This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

#NOD8CX: I have no plans to have a full D8 release within even a year of when Drupal 8 is released unless someone else volunteers to co-maintain that branch. This is not meant as criticism of the enormous effort others have but into D8, but an attempt to honestly inform anyone using this module of my plans. If you use this module and want to see it upgraded, open an issue asking how you can get involved and make that happen.

This is a simple module that adds the same functions used by Drush to truncate CiviCRM's cache tables and clear files from template_c when Drupal's hook_flush_caches is called. Similar to CiviCRM Cron, the goal is to trigger the CiviCRM functions when the same function is called in Drupal. CiviCRM Clear All Caches will clear the CiviCRM caches when the Clear All Caches button is clicked in Administer > Development > Performance in the Drupal UI, when using drush cc, or when Pantheon users click the Clear Caches button in the Pantheon dashboard.

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