This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This is a very small module that adds a Christmas Snow effect to your site.

I thank Scott Schiller for the javascript code .

You are welcome to hack the module if you want the lights and submit a patch :-)

Get into the Christmas spirit!

Drupal 6

Please download this file; then you will need to copy the file snowstorm.js of this download into the \christmas_snow\ directory of the Christmas Snow module.

The number and speed of the of snowflakes can be set in the snowstorm.js.

Drupal 7

Starting with the 7.x-1x release the snowflakes.js file is included with the module. I might migrate this back down to the 6.x release but for now only the 7.x release will include everything needed to run this module.


As with all contributed modules, when considering submitting an issue:

  1. Read the documentation (two or three times is better).
  2. Review the existing issues list. (Don't forget to select "<all>" for the "Status" field.)
  3. Gather all the appropriate information. This may include (but is not limited to):
  • Drupal version.
  • Browser type and version.
  • Database type and version.
  • Error messages, if any.
  • Module settings.
  • Submit the issue. If other modules are involved, you may need to submit the issue to those modules as well.
  • PHP 4 and MySql 4

    Due to end-of-life on PHP4 and MySql4, we no longer actively support either of those products. If a problem arises, we will make an effort to work around it, but will not make a guarantee. Drupal 7 will require PHP 5.2.5 or higher and MySql 5 (or Postgres 8); if your host is not at these levels yet, please encourage them to get there ASAP.

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