This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Corrects bugs in Drupal core:

  • Checkboxes set as required not displaying required symbol (install this module to display)
  • Checkboxes set as required behave as optional (install this module to make behave as required field)

Note: developers don't need to add any extra validation code to their modules to make up for the bug in core, and once core is fixed this module can be uninstalled: #856452: Please test the core patch to help fix this bug in Drupal core - Mark this module as obsolete when that happens

This is the related D6 issue: #259292: Required radios/checkboxes are not validated (D6). More experienced users should head there and help fix this in core by testing the latest patch.

This core bug has been fixed in D7: #179932: Required radios/checkboxes are not validated

Developed by Robert Castelo for Code Positive

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