A request that I got from multiple clients is to have a separate password change form. Current Password mechanism on User account page is little bit confusing.


The Password Separate Form module provides the separate password change form.
By default it comes with user account page that little bit confusing for end
users. This module would help to make this form as a separate form to help end
users, there is no need to change these fields every time if you are editing
some other fields on user account page.


To install this module, follow given steps:

  • Place this module directory in your modules folder (this will usually be
  • Enable the module within your Drupal site at Administer -> Site Building ->Modules (admin/build/modules).


  • Go to People page and edit any user account. You can also access directly user page, if you know user uid using /user/%uid/edit. Here %uid is user uid.
  • Once you will click on edit link, you will find there is no Password related fields, one additional tab is there Change Password.
  • Click on the "Change Password" tab you will see now you have separate form to manage password.

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