Do you work for an organization where certificates are used for authentication? This module makes it possible for your users to register and login by certificate. When a Drupal page is accessed via HTTPS the module checks for certain environmental variables that contain the user's unique information, such as an email address. Depending on the settings it then logs the user in or, if enabled, creates a new account.


  • Automatic account creation
  • Login link on access denied page (403)
  • Current login override
  • Using authmap to log in with multiple certificates
  • Automatic setting of a role for created users

Drupal 8

The upcoming Drupal 8 version may not have all of the Drupal 7's features, at least initially. For progress, see #2854922: Port to Drupal 8.

The first step is getting PKI Registration Authority ready, which allows users to enrol with a registration authority (RA) to obtain certificates. Then, this module can be used to create accounts and log in with those certificates.


This module makes no schema changes to your database.

Supporting organizations: 
Drupal 8 planning and architecture

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