This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Cerium Documentation System is an open-source release of Cerium Software LLC's main documentation website, and is geared to creating categorizable content with OG-based access control, and a variety of hooks for managing user access and update policies. This is meant to give you and out-of-the-box solution for getting a documentation site up and running - take it and customize to your needs.

Documentation Core

Documentation Structure

Documentation is organized in the following hierarchy:

  1. Product Group (OG Group)
  2. Product
  3. Documentation Topic
  4. Documentation Item: HTML, Link, Video, File

The default behavior is for a Product group to have its own page, and products to be organized as Views Bootstrap accordions which then contain documentation organized by topic. The Product group page also has a list-type view that searches by category, instead of listing by product/topic.


A few of the features of the version are also included, such as the Bootstrap content type icons.

Access Policy module


Access Policies may be modified via hooks, and range form standard OG processes to using Drupal services to query users on another Drupal site, and adding them to the group by membership at the other site, or by role. This section is also extendable via a custom hook.

Update Policy module


Documentation can be managed via "update policies," which will run on all items below it in the content hierarchy. Update polices on child nodes may override or extend a parent policy, so a parent policy of "Mark as needing an update once every 365 days" for a product with a child policy of "Check an API version number" on a documentation topic to do with an API in that product, will allow either policy to mark documentation as needing an update.


When a piece of documentation content violates the update policy, it can be marked as "update needed" via a provided Views field.


  • Chaos Tools
  • Views
  • Features
  • Views Bootstrap
  • Views Bulk Operations
  • Draggable Views
  • Views Field View
  • Views Content Cache
  • Views Contextual Filters OR
  • EVA
  • Entityreference Prepopulate
  • Link
  • Elysia Cron


  • Documentation - document all hooks, process of adding new types of update/access policies, etc.
  • Migrate textfield policy type selection to taxonomy - to make policy types fieldable with needed information (API calls require logins, etc.).
  • Naming - provide an API to rename content types, add additional documentation content types, etc.

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