This is an installation profile to setup a test site for CCK date fields. It generates a different content type for every combination of CCK date field type (Date, Datestamp, Datetime) and timezone handling (Date, Site, User, UTC, and None), and then generates 4 nodes of each type (2 days ago, now, 2 hours from now, 2 days from now). It also generates a bunch of users from different timezones. It configures Devel and Signup, sets up roles and permissions, and so on. This profile depends on the Install Profile API.

More information can be found in the README.txt file included with the profile, and in the extensive PHPDoc comments in the cckdatetest.profile file itself.

Written by Derek Wright (dww), originally to test signup's handling of all these combinations of CCK date fields (#336255: CCK datestamp fields totally broken and fields without timezone handling mostly broken). Hopefully it will be useful to other people working on CCK Date and DateAPI, or to serve as an example for how to write an installation profile to generate a test-site.

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