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This module allows users to mark administrator selected CCK fields as Public (visible to everyone), Hidden (visible to node author, hidden from everyone else) or Private (visible to node author and "friends"; see requirements section below).


  • The field settings screen provides a new option to enable privacy options for fields. This option is global and affects all content types where the given field is shared. The default privacy status can be specified.
  • This module supports all kind of fields, and even fields in multigroups.
  • In the node edit form, a new option to configure field privacy settings will be available as a small icon next to the fields where this feature has been enabled. This is only available to users with "edit privacy options for field %field_name" permission.
  • Users with "view private data for field %field_name" permission are excluded from privacy restrictions. This feature combined with node revisions allows community managers and/or site moderators to monitor changes to privacy settings.
  • Builtin support for node revisions and Diff module.


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Additional information:

  • Difference from CCK Field Privacy?
  • If you're looking for a way to control role-based field permissions, then check out the Field Permissions module. It's a drop-in replacement of Content Permissions module shipped with CCK that allows you to enable only the permission types (create field, edit any field, edit own field, view any field and view own field) for the fields where this feature is really needed.

This module has been sponsored by Gamefilia.

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