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Phone Number cck_phone

Another CCK/Fields module to provide a phone number field type.

Main differences cck_phone from Phone (CCK) phone.module are:
- Single field widget instead of ever growing field widget per country
- Supports all/multiple countries in one field
- Covers almost all country codes out of the box, with generic phone number validation
- Includes all countries codes or select your own list of countries
- Custom country specific phone numbers validation & formatting
- Custom country validation can be turned off, configurable per field
- D6: Better tel link support (RFC3966) or mobile support - iPhone, Android, iPad, Opera Mobile/Mini, etc. D7: To be replaced by RDFa.

D7 Please save again your Phone Number fields if you update to the latest dev. Use only if you like to help out in development.

New direction:

There have been discussion to merge with phone.module (new maintainer) with focus on libphonenumber
#1812184: [meta] Rewrite and merge phone and cck_phone


(Contribution is welcome!)
- #849000: Migration option from phone.module
- #849006: Phone types (home, work, mobile, fax, etc) support

How you can help:
- add validation/formatter support to all countries
- translation of the module


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