CCK Pager allows to page the item list of any CCK field with multiple values.

The module extends others CCK formatter by paging the field item list; setting the number of elements per page and pager type (full or mini) can be made per field.
It only works with versions of CCK >= 6.x-2.5.


Version 7.x is incomplete because there isn't still a working upgrade path.

Example of usage


With CCK Pager, you can create a simple photogallery, here's an example:

  1. enable imagecache module and set a preset for the thumbnails.
  2. enable the lightbox2 module.
  3. create a content type "photogallery" and add a image field with unlimited cadinality.
  4. enable the cck_pager module.
  5. enable the pagination in the image field configuration and add the required settings; settings can be per build mode.
  6. create a photogallery by inserting how many images you want.

This procedure can be used with all types of CCK field, such as filefield and emfield.

Project Information