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CCK NodeMenu View

This modules adds the opportunity to define a text or computed field as a list of menu links per node. This menu then can be displayed as a block or with one of two additional formatters within the nodetype.

menu creation

To get the menu links, nodemenu uses some separator to discern menu item, item depth, item link and item label.

view|View the Node
edit|Edit Node
**../list_2/%nid/full|List 2 - Full View

The separators can be configured in the block configure. That settings also affect the field's formatters (within the first field's nodemenu block setting).

Compatible fields are text (textfield(rows=1), textarea(rows>1), single or multiple values) and computed fields (single and multiple values).

computed field & formatter in node view

to be able to show computed fields with CCK Node Menu formatters (or other additional/custom formatters) in node view you have to modify computed_field.module like in the patch of
this is not relevant for block view


The block's and formatter output can be themed via theme_nodemenu($items,$delta = 0,$nid=0,$nodetype='')(Block & Formatter: Custom Node Menu) and theme_nodemenu_singleitem($items,$delta = 0,$nid=0,$nodetype='')(Formatter: Custom Node Menu - Single Item)

Views display is also supported for multiple and single values.

fetch node id

The Node ID is automatically fetched from URL-Arguments. Restrictions or explicit nid-fetch can be set in block visibility settings, for example:


to fetch the second argument as node id: list/2/5 => $nid = 2


to fetch the third argument as node id: list/2/5 => $nid = 5

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