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CCK GMap Address

Create your own address fields via CCK. Addresses are validated via Google Maps and can be displayed in several ways.

  • Address
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Gmap - Single
  • GMap - All in One
  • Route Link - Single
  • Route Link - All


  • opportunity to set different size and display for different views (View, Teaser, Full, Block)
  • Additional widget GMap Address - Fetch Data to fetch data from other node values/fields
  • Blocks available, with configurable visibility and display settings
  • Route link: opportunity to add custom, empty or user dependent start and end address

Dependency on GMap

widget: GMap Address - Text Field

This widget provides a simple textfield, for getting one simple address (in one line).
Multiple values supported.

widget: GMap Address - Fetch Data

This widget provides an interface to fetch data from existing fields or node variables.
(!) No support for multiple values at the moment.

In settings you can set the fetch data in the textfield "Fetch Data" (beneath "Label"):
e.g. field_street[0]['value'], field_zipcode[0]['value'] field_city[0]['value'] for a fetch from 3 cck textfields
Callback prefixes can be set to call a function for the given value. 2 prefixes available:
*tname - Gets the Term Name of a specific term id - e.g. name|field_taxterm[0]['value']
*contax - Gets the Term Name of a specific "content taxonomy" field - e.g. contax|field_taxterm

Block visibility: fetch node id for block visibility

The Node ID is automatically fetched from URL-Arguments. Restrictions or explicit nid-fetch can be set in block visibility settings, for example:


to fetch the second argument as node id: list/2/5 => $nid = 2


to fetch the third argument as node id: list/2/5 => $nid = 5


There is still no documentation, because I have lack of time. I try to do it in steps, but help is wanted. Please contact me, if you stuck on a feature or best: want to help on documentation.

Views Implemantation

Including the module's geodata into views can be provided by computed field, fetching the values form longitude and latitude.
I'm sorry for still not implementing direct views compatibility.

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