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This package is a collection of add-on formatters for various CCK fields. Each provided sub-module in this package should be a self-contained single formatter.

CCK fields support an arbitrary number of "formatters", swappable code that renders a field. In Drupal 6 these are essentially theme functions, although in Drupal 5 they are not always. It is possible for any module to define new formatters for field types it doesn't define itself, which creates a very powerful way to extend and theme a field in any of the myriad ways that a field can appear.

This module is an "incubator" for new field formatters. Because each formatter may have its own development cycle, there will probably not be stable releases of the entire suite. If a specific formatter gets particularly popular or requires a more full-featured release cycle, it should likely be spun off to its own project.

This suite is maintained by If you want to submit another formatter module to be included, please contact Larry Garfield. If you maintain a CCK field and want to fold one of these formatters into the field module itself, contact the appropriate module author (or Larry if you aren't sure who that is).

Note: Textfield formatters have been moved to the Text Formatters module.

Current formatters include:

Drupal 5 only

KML Formatter: Filefield
This module formats a KML file uploaded using filefield as a Google Map, allowing users to easily throw up a KML file and get a map out of it. Control of the map settings is handled by the gmap module, which is required.

Drupal 5 and Drupal 6

Filefield Flash Formatter: Filefield
This module provides an additional formatter for CCK filefield fields to display a SWF file as a flash file, using the swfobject_api module (required). It supports SWF files and image files; if a SWF file is uploaded, it will be displayed at its native size. If an image file is uploaded, it will be displayed at its native size. Any other file will be displayed using the default Filefield formatter.

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