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CCK Field Rename with Autocomplete text-field

Used for rename a CCK field-name. This help user retain any widget settings. Now users not only able to rename a content-type but also CCK field. If you use CCK very intensive then this module for you.

This module supports both CCK 2 and CCK 3 (including CCK 3 multigroup feature).


  1. Not yet working for multigroup. This will provided in next release. Support multigroup!
  2. Uses Drupal DB API for compability but only tested on MySQL. For other databases please report your test result.
  3. Support these field types: Decimal, File, Float, Integer, Text, Date/DateTime/DateStamp, Node reference, User reference, Computed, Link, Content Taxonomy, Phone
  4. Compatible with: Content Profile, Phone, Computed Field, Link, Email

How to use

Goto Content Mangement - CCK Field Rename.

Sponsor: Kreasindo, KotaKomputer
Other contributors:

If you upgrade to 6.x-1.1 then you must "clear Drupal cache" to make autocomplete works! 

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