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CCK Field Definitions

Note: Since the inclusion of CCK functionality into Drupal 7 core under the Field API, the Drupal 7 version of this module will be part of the Field definitions project. It features a slightly refactored code base and integration with the Field API, instead of CCK. Other features are planned as well.

The purpose of this module is to display to the user a list of content type fields, along with their descriptions, in a dictionary-like fashion. This is especially useful for CCK content types that have a large amount of fields (hundreds) because it allows for viewing all the fields at a glance and studying the definitions without having to go into the actual node creation form.

This functionality can be enabled/disabled for any content type. It also supports collapsible fieldgroups and weight-based sorting for displaying the fields in a human-friendly way.

Users with the correct permissions are also able to modify the definitions in-place, which is useful for non-technical users that need to revise field definitions periodically. All the changes are reflected immediately in the corresponding content type form.

This module depends on CCK.


Victor Kareh (vkareh)

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