I've been using CCK and its "contributions" so I'm quite familiar how it's working. I need to create a long form and for some reason I'm unable to add more fields to the current ones (about 60 - yeah it's huge fun). Is there any restrictions of how many fields you can use in a content type?




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I want to add another field as per normal, hit Save and the page just reloads without error message. I don't use any additional cck modules and I haven't modified any part of the code.

Any ideas?


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same problem :-(

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Version: 6.x-2.3 » 6.x-2.6

the same problem after update to 2.6

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I found this because I'm making an advertising content type that's just one straight form and the display is largely handled with views (it's a self contained piece of the site). Of course somewhere near the final leg I realize that some forms are just unresponsive to input.

Instead of deleting the content type and starting over it's been nice to be able to create a new content type, usher those fields in through existing fields and then they're usually pretty well intact and functional.

Makes adding fields to long existing content types nerve racking as anything, but this approach usually does the trick when I think "that's weird, maybe there's a maximum."

Happens to me in Drupal 6 on different sites independent of one another. Yet to experience this in 7.

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It is not possible in drupal to have more than 61 fields if running on MySQL.
Reason is, Drupal does joins for each field and when doing edit on a node with +60 field it becomes +60 joins which mysql cant handle and therefore simply dies.

Suggestion is, either do multiform for the content type when edit or restructure to some other situation where the node doesnt get +60 fields...

This applies to all drupal version, at least 6 & 7 which runs mysql, probably also 8.

Be happy :)