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Module Description

The CCBill module provides an API that allows you to integrate your Drupal site with CCBill. CCBill is a service that handles credit card transactions instead of the website itself having to deal with any financial information.

Integration with Rules module

This module integrates with the Rules module. The CCBill module provides 2 additional events:
- User's CCBill subscription started
- User's CCBill subscription expired (only gets triggered when DataLink is setup correctly)

Use Case: When a user signs up for a new subscription on CCBill, the Drupal system adds a new role (and thus a new set of permissions) to the acting user. This can be setup using custom rules (see README file for example). Very useful for premium memberships.

Provided Hooks

The CCBill module provides a hook called hook_ccbill. This hook gets called when a new subscription is added or an existing subscription expires, using CCBill's DataLink API.

Integration Example

Here's the link to an example for including the user id in the CCBill URL:

Feature Requests

If anyone is looking for additional features, please open a new issue and I'll get to it as soon as possible.

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