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Case Tracker Due Date adds a due date field to the casetracker_basic_case content type and modifies existing views to include due dates for tasks/cases. If used with Open Atrium, extra integration is available.


Any system:

  • Adds a CCK "Due Date" field to the casetracker_basic_case type.
  • Adds output filters to display due dates as "today", "tomorrow", "x days", or the actual date depending on how far off it is.
  • Modify primary case listing table to include a "Due Date" column.
  • Adds ability to filter cases by due date.
  • Provides "Upcoming cases" page and block.

Open Atrium systems only:

  • Modifies calendar view to show cases with due dates.
  • Adds "Upcoming cases" blocks to casetracker and calendar contexts.

Similar projects

This module works well in conjunction with Case Tracker Comment Driven to allow due dates to be modified like other Case Tracker fields.


This module requires you to be using the content types provided by the casetracker_basic module (or the atrium_casetracker if you are on Open Atrium). If you have assigned other types as cases, they are not eligible for the functionality provided by this module.

NOTE: If you are using this module with Open Atrium, DO NOT enable casetracker_basic and atrium_casetracker at the same time.



  • Casetracker
  • Date
  • Features


  • features-6.x-beta11 or higher.
  • (If using with Open Atrium) Open Atrium Beta 8 or higher


  • Enable casetracker_duedate
  • Enable EITHER casetracker_basic (for non-Open Atrium sites) OR atrium_casetracker (for Open Atrium sites) but not both



  • When sorting table by due date, cases without a due date float to the top.
  • Possibly rename "upcoming cases" to something more intuitive


  • Atrium: Add "recent tasks" to sidebar of calendar view since they are showing up on the calendar


  • Allow user to specify a view that will be used other than atrium_calendar (they might have a cloned version or some other calendar). Possibly let them specify multiple calendars.
  • Atrium: Color calendar items based on their project color


This module was initially developed for Google Summer of Code 2010 by auzigog (Jeremy Blanchard) as part of a set of grassroots project management tools being developed at Activism Labs.

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