Drupal Admin For Captcha-free

The Drupal 8 version is released and has protection for all the forms as shown in the image. The only thing missing is protection for Webform and that module is not nearly ready for release at this time. Try this module especially to eliminate those robot user registrations and having to go in and delete all the bogus users. All without having to use the annoying captcha.

NOTICE (11/18/2014): Usage statistics for the project are not reporting. It's presently showing 2 but should be around 500 due too https://www.drupal.org/node/2340969#comment-9353181
This is due to changes by drupal.org of the machine name from captcha-free to captcha_free. This is beyond the maintainers control. Also updates to the module will not show up in your Drupal site admin UI.

Based on a tutorial by Jack Born published on jQuery.com entitled Safer Contact Forms Without CAPTCHAs. This module gives spam protection for those that don't want to use the aggravating captchas or a third party external service.

It basically won't allow the submit of a protected form if the user has disabled, cookies, JavaScript, or exceeds a preset time limit on the page.

I have used Jack Born's idea with success on non-Drupal sites for a couple of years and tested it on a live Drupal 7.0 site with success. Without the module bots are submitting the registration form multiple times daily. With the module active submits go to zero.

This is designed to block bots that try to use your forms. The module allows you to select which forms to protect. It's not designed to stop humans that enter spam manually.

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