Requires Views and the Date API (packaged with the Date module).

This module will display any Views date field in calendar formats, including CCK date fields, node created or updated dates, etc. Switch between year, month, and day views. Back and next navigation is provided for all views. Lots of the Calendar functionality comes from the Date module, so any time you update the Calendar module you should be sure you also update to the latest version of the Date module at the same time.

See also Date iCal, a project that contains code and features needed to either import or export dates using iCal feeds. The functionality that used to be in the Calendar iCal module has been moved into that module.

Be sure to read Debugging Information before reporting a problem. Going through those steps may resolve your problems and will help provide enough information to tell if this is a bug.

Drupal 8 Version

Please see #2492011: Port Calendar module to Drupal 8 to track progress and help migrate Calendar to Drupal 8!

D7 Version

D7 Notes

New Method For Creating Calendars! The previously-recommended method of creating calendars was to clone the default calendar view provided by this module. This caused lots of problems because the default view had to use a known date field so ends up being a view of every node on the site, a potential performance issue. Plus you had to find and change every place that field was used to switch to the date field you actually want. The new method is to create new calendars from a template. You'll see an 'Add view from template' option at the top of the list of Views. Select that and you'll find a template for every date field that the Date API can manage which will create a calendar specific to that date field.

A new row plugin has been added to the 7.3 version of Calendar that should work with any entity, not just nodes. The old plugin has been marked as deprecated and will be removed in the final release, so please update your views to use the new plugin, 'Calendar Entities'.

The Calendar iCal module is deprecated in favor of Date iCal. This was marked as deprecated and hidden as much as possible until it was safe to completely remove it.

D7 Videos/Tutorials

D6 Version

D6 Notes

Date 6.2 now requires the jQuery UI module ( for the Date Popups datepicker to work!

PHP 4, 5.0, & 5.1 are no longer actively supported. If you want dates to work correctly you need to use PHP 5.2 or higher.

D6 Videos/Tutorials

View a free video on Date and Calendar by Karen Stevenson from

Related Modules

This is the beginning of a list of modules that extend Calendar to solve particular problems. Please check them out if the core Calendar functionality isn't sufficient for your needs.

Date iCal
This project will contain code and features needed to either import or export dates using iCal feeds.
This module provides a system to allow users to sign up for a node that has a date field, including administrative reports and email notifications to the users.
CCK Signup
An alternative to the Signup module that creates signups as nodes.
A brand new alternative to Signup and Signup CCK that creates signups as entities.


This module was originally written and maintained by Karen Stevenson and sponsored by Lullabot. It's currently being minimally maintained and developed by Yonas Yanfa. The Drupal 8.x port was developed by Pieter Jonckiere and Geert van Dort, with the assistance of Ted Bowman.

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