This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module, in concert with either Case Tracker and/or Workflow modules, allows you to set up groups who are notified on a regular basis of all items in a set of (user-determined) states. This module is Organic Groups aware, and was originally developed to integrate with pingVision's OpenAtrium site. (Organic Groups is not required, however.)

The idea of this project is this - you've got a lot of tickets in a case tracker or nodes in a workflow that is moving from state to state. Sometimes something lands in a given state and languishes - the person the ticket is assigned to is either unavailable or missed the notification, or a node in a given state is overlooked by the people who are responsible for moving it to the next state. The Bulk Status Notify module allows you to create a group of users, assign them one or more case tracker states or workflow states, and every 24 hours (configurable) it will send out an automated email for those tickets, reminding the users that there are items awaiting their attention. If the case tracker is being used between yourself and a client, it is also helpful for reminding your client that you're waiting for feedback on a diagram, a use case, or question that you asked them.

Currently the module sends out emails to the email addressed set up for that user's account, but in the next version it's intended that the notification module will be used.

Requirements: None, actually. But if you don't have either the Case Tracker or Workflow module installed, it's pretty useless. Organic Groups isn't required by the code, but if you're using it (again, developed for OpenAtrium use), then the code will allow you to create bulk notification groups by Organic Group

This code was created with the financial support of pingVision

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