Bulk File Nodes allows a user to upload or import many files at once, and have many individual nodes created, one for each file . Where this module significantly differentiates from other modules like Bulk Media Upload is that after uploading/importing the file(s), the user is given the opportunity to edit all of the fields for each node in a single form.

Another form to the right acts as a bulk settings form where each field that has a value is applied to each node's corresponding field, except where the user has overridden the bulk settings form by specifying a value in the field of an individual node.

The module is pluggable, leaving open the possibility to integrate the module with various third party services. There are three submodules which integrate plupload, public flickr images, and private flickr images as sources to import from.

Currently, the module only allows for uploading/importing images, but plans are under way to extend this functionality to other filetypes.

NOTE: Most users are advised to use the Dev version of this module, which will see more consistent bug fixes.

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