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A feature (see Features) that implements fully fledged browsing history using Flag, Rules, and Views.


  • Includes browsing history for content, categories, and basic searches.
  • Provides a "recently viewed content" block on node pages.
  • Provides a "My browsing history" page with content or category history as the main view and content/category and search history as secondary views.
  • Individual history items can be removed by the user.
  • Provides an ON/OFF switch to allow the user to disable and clear, or re-enable their browsing history.
  • Supports both authenticated and anonymous users.
  • Works with pages cached using Authcache for authenticated and anonymous users.
  • Is fully configurable via Flag, Rules, and Views UI's (with the exception of Authcache support.
  • Can be extended with Browsing History Flag Recommender to provide browsing history based content recommendations.
  • Conforms to KIT Features Specification..

There is a full discussion of why and how it was put together at Browsing history for Drupal.


There is a demo at which combines this feature with the Browsing History Flag Recommender feature.


The feature is usable as it is but can be easily adapted to suit your own requirements.

Content types

The content browsing history tracks node page views of the 'Story' content type that comes with a default installation. To work with other content types you will need to alter the flag as follows:

Flags -> Browsing History Content (flag) -> Flaggable content (setting)

AND the relevant rule as follows:

Rules ->  Add viewed content to browsing history (rule) -> Viewed content is... (condition) -> Content types (setting)


The category browsing history tracks categories (terms) in which ever vocabulary has a vid of 1. This would normally be the first vocabulary created on your site (if any). To change which terms are tracked you will need to alter the relevant flag as follows:

Flag -> Browsing History Categories (flag) ->  The vocabularies whose terms will be flaggable (setting)

AND the relevant rule as follows:

Rules -> Add viewed category to browsing history (rule) -> Viewed term in... (condition) -> Vocabularies (setting)


This feature depends on several modules - see the .info file for details - all latest stable versions with the exception of Flag for which the latest 2.x-dev version should be used. In addition the patches in the following issues need to be applied for everything to work:

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