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Breadcrumb extra field - Result examble
Breadcrumb extra field - View mode
Breadcrumb extra field - Configuration

Breadcrumb extra field allows you to print breadcrumb inside node content, just as a field, in any position.
Especially useful when you need to place the breadcrumb between the fields.


Drupal 7:
Download and place in sites/all/modules/[contrib/]breadcrumb_extra_field
You must also install the Entity module (

Drupal 8:
Navigate to administer >> modules and enable Breadcrumb extra field.

In order to enable the extra field into an entity, is needed to configure the module administration form:
Drupal 7 URL to configuration form: "/admin/structure/breadcrumb-extra-field".
Drupal 8 URL to configuration form: "/admin/config/system/breadcrumb-extra-field".

"Administer breadcrumb extra field" permission is used to ensure the correct access. Be sure it's correctly configurated in People >> Permissions.

After configuration just clear cache and set the extra field visibility into the desired view mode.

IMPORTANT: Limited to these entity types: node, user, taxonomy term, comment and bean.
If you need to implement into other entity please create a feature request issue.

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