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In contrast to the other breadcrumb modules this module provides a new, fieldable 'breadcrumb' entity - leverage the power of fields! Some of the code was copied from Profile2 module. Thanks to fago.The module is aimed to provide a simple, but extensible solution providing breadcrumbs.


1, Breadcrumb is an entity, include:
(1),path, a property, which store the unique internal path, only support specific path such as node/1
(2),link, it is a multi values link field, store trail links.

2,Using rules to generate breadcrumbs for node/taxonomy term etc.



1,Install Link module at first.
2,Then install this module.
Otherwise, maybe you will get an error message "FieldException: Attempt to create a field of unknown type link_field"

Document :

Breadcrumb document pdf version
Source code of the document.
Help me upload it to Google docs.


  • Optional custom prefix; e.g., "You are here:" (none by default)
  • Configurable separator character/string, if any. (» by default)
  • Optional to include current page, optionally clickable. (enabled by default)
  • Configurable "Home" string.
  • Optional to hide breadcrumb if it only contains "Home".
  • Breadcrumb generate rules could be exportable/cloneable/importable, thanks to rules module.
  • Optional to disable breadcrumb for specific page.
  • Default generate breadcrumb base on taxonomy for node page, the link path of term could be configed on Rules UI page.
  • Optional to generate breadcrumb base on menu hierarchical for node page.
  • Full token supported.
  • Use breadcrumb.tpl.php instead of theme_bredcrumb(), support template suggestions base on path, for example: breadcrumb--node--1.tpl.php, breadcrumb--node.tpl.php.
  • Could get specific page's breadcrumb, not only curren page.
  • Easy to learn/use, because it leverage Rules/Views/Entity/Link modules.
  • Simple breadcrumb add form page by leverage Entity module.
  • In-place edit current page's breadcrumb.
  • Support Panels/Forum/OG/Entity Reference.


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