This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Brain Forum is an entity based, easily customizable discussion forum for Drupal 7. It uses Views to display content and Entity API to handle the CRUD operations. It also supports BBCode. See README.txt for instructions.

We are at the time being unable to develop Brain Forum further. We had a brain storming session about what the roadmap for the first stable release would be and realized that we are still far away from it and we simply do not have the time to continue development now the version our client ordered is done and we are occupied with other projects. Anyone interested in contributing/co-maintaining may contact Rade.

After enabling the module:

  • Go to admin/people/permissions to adjust the user permissions.
  • Go to admin/structure/taxonomy/forum_categories to add terms for the discussion categories (i.e to create discussion areas).
  • To create a new thread, go to forum/thread/add
  • To view a list of threads, go to forum/
  • To view an individual thread, go to forum/thread/
  • To edit the output of data, go to
    • admin/structure/views/forum_listing
    • admin/structure/views/forum_thread

Currently Entity API provides basic Views and Rules integrations.
Also Moderation module is under development.

While the forum is already fully working, there is of course endless list for new features and lots of testing to do.
Please use the issue queue for your own requests and bug reports, and patches are naturally more than welcome.

Views is required for displaying the data and Entity API for the CRUD operations.

The module was sponsored by Aller Media Oy and
developed by Soprano Brain Alliance Oy. The lead developer is Rade.

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