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Screen mock up of all color schemes that can be used with this theme.

General Information

The central government of the Netherlands has a standard Visual Identity that is used on every website. The so-called" "Rijkshuisstijl" (central government visual branding) has been translated into this Rijkshuisstijl theme. Reference to brand identity: Drupal theme and maintainers are not affiliated to this site and use it only as reference. See copyright and legal use below. This is the "successor" of the Drupal 7 Rijkshuisstijl (Dutch Government Branding) theme


Copyright and legal use

Please note that the visual government branding itself is only legally allowed on official websites of the government of the Netherlands.
Unless stated otherwise, CC0 applies to the images of the Rijksoverheid used in the Rijkshuisstijl theme and documentation.

Stable release - Coming soon!

A stable release will come when Bootstrap version 4 has a stable release and no big changes will happen anymore. See Bootstrap release milestones

Supporting organizations: 
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