[NOTE: This module has been deprecated as of June 2013 in favor of Cache Expiration. If you're currently using Boost Expire, please follow these directions to switch from Boost Expire to Cache Expiration on your site!]

A cache expiration module to go with Boost for Drupal 7.

Currently, Boost for Drupal 7 doesn't do any active cache expiration (see #1069438: How to Flush Boost Cache in Drupal 7.x), and this means that when you update a node, post a comment, etc., Boost will continue serving stale content from its static HTML cache until the file is finally cleaned up on a cron run.

For many sites, especially smaller sites where content is updated infrequently and cron may be run hourly or even less frequently, this means stale content will be served for quite some time, unless someone visits the Performance page and clears all the site's caches manually.

This module alleviates that problem by simply flushing Boost's static HTML cache every time a node or comment is posted or updated. You can set the module to respect your site's Minimum cache lifetime so it doesn't flush the cache until the minimum lifetime has passed.

This module may become deprecated in favor of a more universal solution (like Boost integration with the Cache Expiration module).

Performance Considerations

For websites with a large volume of new nodes/comments being posted, this module may actually be a performance drain, as the module (currently) flushes the entire Boost cache every time a new node/comment is posted, or a node/comment is updated. This performance burden can be slightly alleviated by setting the module to use your site's setting for the Minimum cache lifetime (which can be set on the Performance page). You can set options for this module at admin/config/system/boost_expire.

However, for websites with infrequent comment and node postings (many blogs, small sites, etc.), this module will be helpful in that you don't need to forcibly (and manually) clear Boost's cache every time you edit a node, and people's comments should appear in the Boost cache immediately after they post them (or almost immediately, if you use the minimum cache lifetime).

Module created by Jeff Geerling of Midwestern Mac, LLC.

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