This module will automatically create a main book page for content type selected in Book made simple settings. This is a shortcut to create a node and click on Update book outline.

A dropdown listbox will be added in books links. Only allowed content-type (define in content-type settings) are printed. Selecting a content type will add it as a child page of the book page.

This module is a full port of BookMadeSimple project correcting #829430: conforming to a single project name BookMadeSimple vs book_made_simple issue.

Update: Issues have now be moved to this project. It is still a good idea to search the issue queue before submitting new ones.


  1. Extract zip file in the modules directory
  2. Enable the module in the admin settings

Migration from old BookMadeSimple module

  • disable old BookMadeSimple module
  • remove BookMadeSimple directory
  • install new Book Made Simple module
  • enable Book Made Simple module


  • Go to Book Made Simple settings and :
    • Select defaults content types that will populate the "Add child page" dropdown list in book links. This will be overriden by content-type settings.
    • Select content types to auto create main book page when creating.
  • Check "Hide default add child link" to hide Drupal default add child link

You can also define allowed content-type as child per content-type (in content-type settings).

Version 3 updates

Some features have been changed with version 3:

  • Permission have been renamed ("links" => "tabs") so you must re-enter them.
  • A new permision "Show (checked) or hide (unchecked) outline section in form elements" have been added
  • Setting "Forbid creation of book main page" allows now creation of content-type as standalone but cannot be modified to be main page of book
  • New setting "Content type can only be created inside a book" prevents creation of node outside a book

It is strongly encouraged to hide Outline tab, because it is simplier to modify book list in form element.

Project Information