This module will automatically create a main book page for content type selected in Book made simple settings. This is a shortcut to create a node and click on Update book outline.

A dropdown listbox will be added in books links. Only allowed content-type (define in content-type settings) are printed. Selecting a content type will add it as a child page of the book page.


  1. Extract zip file in the modules directory
  2. Enable the module in the admin settings

Migration from old BookMadeSimple module

  • disable old BookMadeSimple module
  • remove BookMadeSimple directory
  • install new Book Made Simple module
  • enable Book Made Simple module


  • Go to Book Made Simple settings and :
    • Select defaults content types that will populate the "Add child page" dropdown list in book links. This will be overriden by content-type settings.
    • Select content types to auto create main book page when creating.
  • Check "Hide default add child link" to hide Drupal default add child link

You can also define allowed content-type as child per content-type (in content-type settings).

Version 3 updates

Some features have been changed with version 3:

  • Permission have been renamed ("links" => "tabs") so you must re-enter them.
  • A new permision "Show (checked) or hide (unchecked) outline section in form elements" have been added
  • Setting "Forbid creation of book main page" allows now creation of content-type as standalone but cannot be modified to be main page of book
  • New setting "Content type can only be created inside a book" prevents creation of node outside a book

It is strongly encouraged to hide Outline tab, because it is simplier to modify book list in form element.

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