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The weather forecast block.

Lightweight module that displays Australian Bureau of Meteorology forecasts in blocks.

All you need to do is add a forecast page URL in the block configuration. An example of a forecast page is the one for Melbourne:

Retrieved forecast data is kept in a local cache for 15 minutes, so the BOM website is not accessed each time a Drupal user views a page with a weather forecast block.

The module uses a simple .tpl.php file to display the forecast data, and this file is easy to customise. All elements have a class and can be targeted using CSS.

A hook is provided to allow other modules to change the forecast data before it is passed to the theme layer.


This module requires the SimpleHTMLDom module, which in turn requires the PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser Library (a drush makefile is included to make downloading and installing this library easy)

Other information

If your needs are more extensive, please help port the BOM Weather module to Drupal 7.

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