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Based on the excellent HTML5 Boilerplate template, this theme was built to be a lean responsive design base theme with heavy SASS support. Inspired by the Basic, Boron, Zen, Panopoly, and Sassy themes.


  • Responsive Panel set based on the great Panopoly distribution. (new in 1.8)
  • Custom SASS mixins for breakpoints and REM sizing. (new in 1.8)
  • Drush integration. As simple as "drush boilerplate new-theme-name". You will also be asked if you are using SASS or not and the links to the compiled css will be automatically changed in the .info file. (new in 1.8)
  • Modernizr.js allows for HTML5 element use in older browsers and browser feature detection classes included in HTML tag.
  • Box-sizing: border-box layout with IE shim - CSS padding and border width no longer included in width calculations. Easily removed if not wanted.
  • SASS and Compass support with SCSS syntax (Compass is required for the default installation but can be removed if not wanted)
  • Three default responsive layouts at <480 (iPhone), 480-800 (netbooks/tablets), and >800 (PCs)
  • jQuery.mobileDropDown to automatically change navigation to drop down menus on mobile devices
  • Zen wireframing
  • Zen Breadcrumb
  • Console.log() protection from IE errors

If you don't want the SASS support, you'll need to change your CSS links in the .info file, but the drush command will ask and change it accordingly.

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