This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Import your blogs from Blogger/Blogspot.
This module is meant to be used once to import a blog from Blogger/Blogspot into Drupal. It can be uninstalled after use.

Drupal 6

created by Ben Buckman (thebuckst0p, New Leaf Digital), Aug-Sep 2010. This module is now maintained by rootatwc.


  • Blogger XML export (uploaded to server)
  • QueryPath module and library to parse the XML


  1. Export your blog from Blogger (see here)
  2. Backup your database.
  3. Enable the module.
  4. Set the permissions for 'import blogger blog'
  5. Upload the exported XML to a directory on your server that Drupal can access.
  6. Go to /admin/content/blogger_importer.
  7. Enter the path to the XML file you uploaded.
  8. Click 'Save & Process Export XML'.
  9. When the processing finishes, review the posts and comments that were found.
  10. Click 'Create nodes from Posts'
  11. Review the nodes that were created.

Read the README file in the module first.

Patches and other improvements are welcome!

I will not have much time to build this further, so co-maintainers are welcome.

Drupal 7

7.x-1.x Branch

Is a direct port of the drupal 6 version.
For installation and usage instruction,read above!

Thanks to j_ten_man now this module can successfully import tags and author mapping is fixed. See #1220112: Patch for 7.x-1.x : Import tags, node author, save dates, etc. for more info!

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