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This plugin prevents people from registering with disposable email addresses like the ones provided by mailinator (also known as throw-away email, one-time email). It protects your most important asset, your registered user base, by preventing contamination by fake accounts. This plugin working principle is similar to spam blacklists.

The plugin itself does not contain a list of domains to block. Instead of local maintenance the plugin uses the service of This is a very accurate free service for at least 50 API requests per month.


A list with some of the features that you’ll have with us:

  • Absolutely FREE
  • 50 API requests per hour (minimum)
  • Instant access to our API after registration
  • Posibility to block free email service providers (only if you want)
  • Allow your own list of domains (e.g.: if you choose to block free email service providers)
  • Check up to 200 domains per month on the browser
  • Statistics about what happend with your requests (via browsable or API)


We are the best (and we are ABSOLUTELY FREE)

  • Improve the percentage of emails that make it to the inbox
  • Reduce the bounce rate of your mailing campaigns
  • Improve delivery rates and your reputation
  • Keep a clean DataBase without fake/disposable emails
  • We have more than 23k fake/disposable domains checked manually


  • What about privacy
    • This plugin does NOT submit email addresses. I do not run this service to collect your subscribers data.
    • Before the data is sent to the domain part is separated. So only the domain part is sent.
  • What happens if the service is down
    • Our team is working hard to keep the servers up and running all the time.
    • Even if the service is down your users are able to register.
  • Is this service FREE
    • Yes, it is. Our service it is ABSOLUTELY FREE. There are no costs at all.
    • If you like our service you can donate.
  • I need more than 50 API requests per our
    • If you need more than 50 requests per hour please send us an email at: requests [at] bdemails [dot] com
    • Let us know more about your service as we give to our users more than 50 requests if they need.
  • Why should I use your service
    • It is bad to have such addresses in your DataBase for several reasons. And yes, it is easy to block *.ru addresses, known domains as, and some others – but they are changing continuously.
    • This service currently detects more than 23k domains. So maybe it is a good alternative for your manually maintained blacklist.
  • Can I prevent or report false positive
    • This should be happen very rarely. In this case I kindly ask you to report this mistake at: report [at] bdemails [dot] com
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