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A simple module to show blocks in a field. It can take any block and put it inside a node. This makes it easier to put relevant content before or after the node body and before the comments. This allows some theming that couldn't be done if the blocks are outside of a node, e.g. float.

Technically this module is just a text field formatter. It'll invoke the corresponding blocks specified in the text field and output. If the block is a Views block, arguments can be passed too!


Add a long enough, say length 255, text field to the desired content type. Set the display of the text field to Block2Field. On node edit page, choose which block to output in the node by typing in cache?title?module/delta/args where:

  • cache? (optional)
    • BLOCK_NO_CACHE? (default)
       per role per page
    • (Note: Views' block arguments, if any, are used as a part of cache id too)
  • title? (optional) can be <none>? to hide the title
  • module/delta module name and delta of a block
  • /args (optional) Views' block arguments

All block settings on the admin page or Views's Block settings are not used. Caching and title can be changed in the text field.


Make sure to enable "Content Permissions" module and set the text field with Block2Field formatter to be only editable by administrators.

  • forum/1 for the "New forum topics" block
  • BLOCK_CACHE_PER_ROLE?forum/1 the same block with per role cache
  • New discussions?forum/1 the same block with "New discussions" as the title
  • BLOCK_CACHE_PER_ROLE?New discussions?forum/1 the same block with title and cache
  • views/hello-block_1 for block block_1 from hello Views
  • views/hello-block_1/arg1/arg2/argn pass arguments to a Views block
  • BLOCK_CACHE_PER_USER?views/hello-block_1/arg1/argn pass arguments to a Views block with per user cache
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  • Similar By Terms: shows a list of similar nodes in a block. Works great with Block2Field.

This module is sponsored by, of course. hahah.

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