This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


The Blizz Bulk Creator module makes creating large numbers
of entities easier. It lets users enter a value in a single field and fills
other fields with customizable default values.


Currently, Blizz Bulk Creator only provides for the creation of media entities
and therefore depends upon media_entity. In a future version this restriction
is going to be removed.


Installation as usual: Place the directory of this module within /modules
(or maybe /modules/contrib). When using composer use
composer require drupal/blizz_bulk_creator

Enable the module by navigating to Administer > Extend and checking the
"Enabled" checkbox on "Blizz Bulk Creator". Or simply use drush:
drush en blizz_bulk_creator

Known Issues

- Anonymous users

To make this module work flawlessly for anonymous users,
the application of this core patch is required (see the corresponding issue on

- May enable users to create restricted entities

In its current development state this module enables users to create
entities to which they may not have the appropriate permissions, because
it implements only very rough permissions without checking the presence of
"nested permissions".

- May have an impact on site performance

Currently, this module implements hook_form_alter in order to embed the
bulkcreate interfaces into enabled entities. Because this hook literally
affects all existing forms on a site it may slow down the site performance
if there are also forms that are going to be presented to anonymous users.

Note: in a future version this hook will be removed.

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