Provides a simple Blazy PhotoSwipe integration.



  • Vanilla JavaScript, no jQuery required.
  • Has no formatter, instead integrated into "Media switcher" option of Blazy related contribs. This means PhotoSwipe will be available for free at Blazy, GridStack, Lory, Slick formatters, including Blazy Views fields for file ER and Media Entity.
  • Supports swipeable Videos if Video Embed Media is installed.



  • Go to any "Manage display" page, e.g.:
  • Find a Blazy, GridStack, Lory, Slick formatter under "Manage display".
  • Choose "Image to photoswipe" under "Media switcher" option. Adjust anything else accordingly.
  • Also available at Blazy Views fields under the same "Media switcher" option for File ER, or Media Entity, if using Blazy Views field. Both Views and ME integration are optional if the relevant modules are installed earlier, or later.

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