Big Pipe demo module, after installing for Bartik.


This module makes it easy to visualize the impact BigPipe can have for a site. Because it's just a module that provides two blocks, it's very easy/unobtrusive to install on your site, to see what the impact would be of using BigPipe for your site.

Take a test run on!
(This does not enable the BigPipe demo module automatically, just go to /admin/modules and enable it, go to the front page, and that's it!)

To use

  1. Enable the BigPipe module and this module.
  2. Place the provided BigPipe demonstration block block as many times as you want (specify the markup you want to simulate, and a default duration).
  3. Optionally, place the provided BigPipe anonymous session block block once. It helps you starting/stopping a session as the anonymous user.
  4. Optionally, place the provided BigPipe on/off block block once, preferably at the top of the page. It helps you with toggling between BigPipe being on or off.
  5. Now use your site! You can override each placed BigPipe demonstration block's duration, to simulate different conditions.

Note: when using Bartik, this module ships with optional configuration that places two demonstration blocks in the first sidebar, as well as the anon session block, and the on/off block in the header. (Upon uninstalling, those blocks are removed automatically.)

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