This module is obsolete. I suggest using the excellent Bootstrap theme instead.

These modules provide additional functionality to the BH Bootstrap theme. The BH Bootstrap Menupath module (bh_bootstrapmenupath) will work only with that theme, but the BH Bootstrap Quicktabs (bh_bootstrapquicktabs) should probably work with any theme based on the Bootstrap framework.

BH Bootstrap Menupath

This module makes it possible to add menu items with special paths that do not correspond to Drupal pages or views--much like Drupal's core path--to make Bootstrap style dropdowns possible. As mentioned above, this module will only work with the BH Bootstrap theme.

BH Bootstrap Quicktabs

This module provides a 'renderer' to the Quicktabs module that enables administrators to add Bootstrap-style tabs to a page. This module should work with any theme based on the Bootstrap framework--though it has not been tested with any theme but BH Bootstrap.

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