This module has been superseded by the Bootstrap Quicktabs module.

These modules provide additional functionality to the Bootstrap theme.

BH Bootstrap Quicktabs

Users of the 2.x branch should migrate to the Bootstrap Quicktabs module. That will continue to get future updates and this module will not. The Bootstrap Quicktabs version 7.x-1.0-beta2 is the same as the 2.3 version of this module.

This module provides a "renderer" to the Quicktabs module that enables administrators to add Bootstrap-style tabs to a page. This module works with the Bootstrap theme. Some functionality of the Bootstrap tabs were added with Bootstrap 3 and some were removed. Additional css files are included to be added to your sub-theme css files. Add only the styles for the version you do NOT have.

Users migrating from 1.x to 2.x will need to edit each of their quicktabs under Structure > Quicktabs and select bootstrap_tabs as the renderer. (The render name under 1.x was bh_bootstrapquicktabs_tab.) Select the style, position, and effects. The extras folder contains css files for providing Bootstrap 3 styles for Bootstrap 2 users and Bootstrap 2 styles for Bootstrap 3 users. You will have to add this to your Bootstrap sub-theme css files.


BH Bootstrap Menupath (only available in the 1.x branch)

This module is obsolete and will not continue to be developed.
This module makes it possible to add menu items with special paths that do not correspond to Drupal pages or views--much like Drupal's core path--to make Bootstrap style dropdowns possible. This module will only work with the BH Bootstrap theme.

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