Best reply module allows node authors to mark a particular comment as the best reply. It aims to encourage quality comments and to give some recognition to people posting quality responses.

Links are provided to the author of the node or user with the correct privileges to mark a comment as the best reply, or clear the best reply. Only one comment can be marked as the best reply, so the author can change his or her mind and mark a different comment, which will overwrite or clear the old marked comment.

Once a comment has been marked as the best reply a view best reply link is provided in the links of the node to jump directly to the best reply.

Administrators have the ability to select node types and to restrict access via access control.

Version 6.x-6.0 +

  • User points integration
  • jQuery functionality added that marks and clears the best reply without page refresh
  • Move to the top. Best reply can now be configured to move the best reply to the first comment position via jQuery.

Project Information