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beginningW2 is a "Web 2.0 style" evolution from my "">beginning theme.
It has to be considered as another blank canvas for theme developers.

Same features as beginning theme.

This project is terminated in favor of Project "Beginning"

6.x-1.5 release : This is the final release (and the end) of this project. => You may
now have a look at Beginning

beginning W2 is provided by and maintained
by robin, a French Drupal developer.

I am going to release 7.x branch of this project meanwhile you may consider following themes for your beginning.

  • 0 Zilch. Light weight theme serve as starting point(beginning) of your Drupal site. Also useful for focus on usability, legibility and readability.
  • Beginning
  • White. Advance theme. Classical and web 2.0 design with slideshow and drop-down menu.

Shivcharan Patil. (Shiv)

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